The reality of being in a interracial relationship

Times have changed and people are now more evolved and more understanding. Interracial dating is much easier now than it was in the past. However there are some realities that you will have to face being in a interracial relationship. The race factor will continuously be inserted into your everyday lives either consciously or unconsciously. Here are some of the truths that will keep cropping up in your relationship.


This will definitely a factor that will bring race back into the picture. You may be white and your partner may be black or vice versa or you may be Asian and your partner may be German. You and others will constantly wonder what the predominant features of your children will be. Will they take more after you or your partner or will it be more of an equal mixture?


This is true sadly of even your family and closest friends. They will assume that you are dating from that particular race to fulfill some fetish or fantasy of yours. They will make race seem like the main reason as to why you are dating the other person but the truth is far from that. You started dating that person because you had a connection with them and this is what you need to keep in mind. Let people assume what they want, it is only important you know what truly matters.


Even if no one in your family and friends mind, there will always be those few random people who will make it a big deal. They can’t seem to get over the fact that you are dating someone from a different race and automatically assume that other people will also think in a similar manner. For them, race is the only thing they see when they look at your relationship and it is best to avoid such people as they are not truly concerned about you and will keep bringing your differences into the picture.


Then there will also be those who will try so hard to show that they are not racist by claiming that they have also dated people from other races. These people may not actually mean any harm or have any negative emotions towards you. However they will try to keep bringing up your race and telling you how good it is to be in a interracial relationship. Though this is sweet, you should make it clear to them that race is not what holds importance here but the fact that you love each other and that’s all that matters.

Thus, these are a few realities every couple in an interracial relationship will face but as long as you both have a solid foundation and have a good understanding, race will not take priority in your lives. Love is all that matters and it will bind two people together.


What to Do if People Stare At You and Your Interracial Partner

Everything’s going nicely. Your family and his/her family are okay with you seeing a mixed race or interracial partner. Then, all of a sudden, you get those uncomfortable stares from other people. You may wonder, what are they staring at? Are they racist or are they thinking something about your interracial dating?
It’s natural to react this way and it is a bit rude to continually stare at a couple without giving an explanation. But before we discuss what you should do, just think for a moment why these people are probably staring and that may mitigate your harsh feelings. After all, people are usually not close-minded and are very tolerant and embracing of multiculturalism.

They may be jealous of the fact that you have an attractive partner of another race and are staring, just wondering how much fun you’re having. Quite the compliment! Or they may be wondering how it feels to be doing something so “controversial”. Perhaps they are immature and are thinking that interracial partners are only interested in sex or experimentation. In any event, it doesn’t really matter because very few of them are actually thinking malicious thoughts.

What should you do if you do see people staring at you during your date?

1.Just take it as a compliment.

First, understand that the majority are by in large supportive of interracial dating and mixed race dating. Therefore, they while may make you feel awkward, they are probably just curious about you, and are not trying to cause you harm. Think about yourself for a moment. Have you ever stared at someone because they’re attractive, or because you were intrigued at what they were doing or how they looked? Have you ever felt socially awkward and made small talk with a person that didn’t make much sense? Has a stranger ever come up to you and complimented you? That’s really all most of these people are thinking behind those stares.

2.If staring bothers you, don’t go places where you might get a lot of stares.

While you could just grin and endure all the funny looks, if it really starts to bother you avoid places where you know people are not very open-minded. Some people claim that country music concerts are a questionable place. Or perhaps a Donald Trump rally? You never really know until you go the first time. And if you go to a location where people are giving you coy looks, there’s certainly nothing wrong with leaving and going somewhere where you and your date can feel welcomed.

3.They may actually be happy to see you!

Some people stare because they are genuinely happy for you, and may even be thinking back to their own history, or their own desires to do what you’re doing. You could even confront the person and kindly say hello. (You don’t have to be nasty about it) You could introduce yourself or ask what’s wrong? You may be surprised at what the other person has to say. It’s usually never a negative comment, not in this day and age.

So why not just go out in public, be proud of yourself, and enjoy the support of others?


What Does God Feel About Gay Interracial Relationships?

This article will attempt to offer an objective view of the controversial issue of the gay marriage. Whether you are looking for a gay partner who shares your faith on interracial dating sites, or are looking for answers on what to say to a family member who does not approve of your relationship, you may find some answers from this discussion.

Most of the arguments against gay relationships, stemming from monotheistic religions, have to do with two mentions of supposedly homosexual activities—one involving the Sodomites, who wanted to “know” or have intercourse with Lot’s visiting angelic guests, and the other instances in which Apostle Paul spoke of men leaving the natural desires for women and becoming inflamed towards each other.

Alternative Viewpoints

While most Baptist Christian religions, and some Catholic or Protestant religions, use these biblical accounts as proof of homosexuality being a sin, many other Christian religions have adjusted their views of gay or lesbian relationships being a sin. An alternative explanation to the account of Sodom and Gomorrah is that the Sodomites’ sin was not in being gay, but because they were rapists.

As for Paul’s statement, it is important to remember that during this time, homosexuality was not recognized as a scientific or natural reality. While they knew gay behavior existed, they attributed it to men being overly “lustful” and wanting more than what women were capable of giving them. Scientific focus came into mainstream knowledge in the Enlightenment Age and onward into the late 1900s when it was proven that for many animal species, as well as in human beings, gay attraction is not a choice but a biological fact.

Most Jewish beliefs have also modernized in this regard, except for orthodox Jews. Secular Muslims also have a more tolerant view of the sexual behavior, having considered the scientific evidence.

How to Get Along with Friends and Family Who Don’t Approve

If your friends or family doesn’t approve of your relationship, remember that it simply means they don’t understand. In their minds, you are sinning because you don’t share the same religious views as they do. However, emphasize to them that you still love them and hope they can come around to accept your choices.

You can also continue being kind to them, showing them that just because you have different viewpoints on religion, you are still a moral person and one to be proud of. Many families have been won over by showing kindness as a proud and confident gay man who still tolerated the disapproval of others.

On the other hand, if a person is continuously vindictive and hateful you may have to stop talking to that person for your own health and sanity. You can only compromise so much and if the interracial gay dating relationship becomes abusive, let that person go! Do not continue to listen to that toxic thinking. Just let it be known that when they are willing to speak with respect and love, you will always be there. Be proud of who you are and continue to think positively. You may be surprised at how others will eventually come around and see things your way.


Learn All About Navigating Interracial Dating and Relationships


Interracial relationships are now more common than ever, since the world has generally become a large melting pot of diverse cultures. Statistics have shown that interracial relationships are increasing every single year, and that is apparently one of the best things that could happen to this world. People are now more accepting of other races and cultures, which is down to the fact that advancements in travel and media, especially interracial datng sites have allowed mixed-race relationships to now be extremely common.

Mutual understanding and respect can also go a long way in helping resolve the problems and perceptions that surround interracial dating and relationships.

Defining An Interracial Relationship

‘Interracial’ basically referred to people who are of different skin colors but are living within the same country. These days, it can refer to people who are from different ethnicity, even though they may have the same skin color. The world has become a multi-cultural place, where ‘mixed’ couples of all types co-exist in peace and harmony.

The Importance Of Cultural Understanding

Cultural clashes can happen in any relationship, with people who are from different backgrounds, but it becomes even more likely in interracial relationships. Cultural clashes often happen when people who share different culture values have a conflict, as each one considers their values to be more important and the ‘correct’ ones to follow.

It all depends on the way people are raised, since that will define their outlook on life, and their ideas about gender differences, respect, and love and relationship roles. If you want to fully understand your partner, you need to understand their culture and everything about them. That is why you should focus on the following:

  • • Learn about their family and get to know them.
  • • Study about the country they were born in
  • • Question them on their beliefs and ideas

That is why before you decide to get into a relationship with someone who hails from a different ethnic background; you should make sure that you learn the pros and cons of black men white women meet or other types of interracial dating. Love has no boundaries but you should also consider whether both your cultural values match, since it could prevent a culture clash further down the line.

Establish Religious Understanding

People from different religious problems may also face problems in interracial relationships. A lot of people have extremely strong religious beliefs and they definitely play an important role in any relationship. Therefore, if you are dating someone from another race, who has a different religious background, then you should discuss the religious issues before anything gets serious. If both you and your partner aren’t religious then it isn’t going to be an issue, but if one person is extremely religious, and the other is not, then there might be a few differences.

If you want to make sure that you have a long-term relationship together, then discuss the following issues with them:

  • • What religion will the children follow?
  • • Can both of you worship their own religion freely?
  • • Do both of you need to study each other’s religion?
  • • Does one of you have to convert to the other’s religion?

Overcoming The Language Barrier

In many interracial relationships, some couples come from different backgrounds and they may have different ways of speaking. So when you are faced with language issues, you should tackle it with a sense of humor and a lot of patience. You can also try to learn your partner’s language to ensure that they don’t feel humiliated, and it will show them that you are serious about making the relationship work for the long-term.


What Does Interracial Dating Look Like Today?

interracial dating

In the “old days” of interracial dating, there wasn’t a lot of variety; you either saw a lot of black women and white men dating, or you saw black men and white women. It was pretty cut and dry, and you didn’t see much else as time went on. But, as the United States has gotten a lot more diverse with people from Asia, the Middle East, and other areas of the world, interracial dating has gotten a lot more attention and is a lot different than it was. Let’s take a closer look at some of these changes.

There’s not always a white person involved in an interracial relationship. One thing that many people find odd is that interracial relationships used to be assumed to be a white person dating a black person. This isn’t the case at all anymore. It could be a white person and a person from another race, but it is just as likely to see a black person with a Hispanic person, an Asian person with a black person, and so on and so forth. As time has gone on, the very definition of this relationship has changed and more people have started to see what it has turned into and become.

Interracial couples are more common. This is probably the most interesting observation on this list. Interracial couples are more common than ever. It is partially because of the other reasons that we’ve listed here, but it is also because people have started to realize that there is more to a person than just the color of their skin. This has been a difficult lesson for some people to learn, but as time has gone on, it’s made it so that these beautiful, unique relationships are a lot more common than they used to be.

Interracial couples may also be intercultural couples. Even though we’ve always known this, it is actually a lot more common because of the internet and other technologies. Someone who is from the United States could meet someone from Japan that is of an Asian background, and they could end up dating and being together – that isn’t something that you saw 20 or 30 years ago! It was usually only war and travel that brought people of different cultures together, so it didn’t happen a lot. Now, because of how accessible that people are and the smaller the world has gotten, it has become easier for intercultural relationships to occur.

It’s a lot better accepted than it used to be. As we’ve discussed in other articles, there used to be a lot of people opposed to interracial relationships. It used to be law that people of different races couldn’t even consider getting married or even being in a relationship that involved sexual intercourse. Now, it’s legal to do so, and it’s a lot more widely accepted by people of all backgrounds because more and more people have realized that we’re not so different at all. We’re all people, and everyone is capable of loving those in the world around them.

What changes have you noticed in the interracial dating scene? Have you noticed some of the things that we talked about above, or has your experience been a lot different than that? Are there things that we missed in this blog post that need to be added to the overall discussion surrounding interracial dating? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think about this topic and even how you think it may change and evolve in the future.


Helping Your Friends with Your Interracial Relationship

black women white men

There are so many different people that you will have to approach with your interracial relationship. If you have a lot of good friends that would likely be around you and your partner a lot, then you’re going to have to feel them out and see whether or not they will cause any issues related to your relationship. What can you do, though? Here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

You’ll want to be gentle about the whole topic, depending on your group of friends. Some friends are not going to care about the color of anyone’s skin; they will just care that you’re happy and that you’re being treated as you should be. Other friends may be a little more apprehensive about the whole thing, which could make it difficult for you to explore the ideas and options that come up during the process. Don’t just bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to an outing and expect everyone to be all hunky-dory about it; mention it ahead of time. Show them pictures of the two of your together or do something else subtle so that you’re not shoving it in their faces, and you’ll be able to feel out how you should proceed.

In most cases, that “warning” (to prevent shock) is going to be enough for most people. However, if someone is causing an issue or making a scene about it, you need to pull them aside and talk to them about what is going on. Be honest with them about your observations and how you feel, and you’ll be better able to move forward with your relationship. For a majority of people who may have a problem with it at first, if you point it out that they’re being a jerk, they’re going to back down and act a lot nicer to everyone in the situation. This makes it more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone that would have to stand and watch what was going on. Who wants to be the one that ruins all of the fun that you’re having?

Have someone that is still being a jerk about it, even after talking to them and trying to help them adjust? Then it may be time to ditch that friend. It may be hard, but if they aren’t going to support you and your partner, it’s just going to make things awkward and difficult. Lay down the law and let them know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and then leave things as they were. Be ready and willing to give them another chance if they decide to change their ways, but don’t let them come back into the friendship and then go back to treating your partner horribly. Find that balance, feel things out, and you’ll have an easier time determining what exactly you should do.

Whether you’re a white woman dating a black man, a black man dating a white woman, or anything in between, you will definitely come across situations where these sorts of things have to be taken care of or they can end up being a huge problem in your relationship later on. Helping your friends through your interracial relationship can take time and energy, but it can be incredibly helpful for your relationship as well. What have you done with your friends when it came to your interracial relationship? What do you plan on doing if it becomes a problem at all? Let us know in the comments and share some of your stories so that we can all learn from them!