Terms and Conditions

The online dating world, though magical, can also be quite dangerous if you encounter some weird characters or fake members. Thus, whenever you log on to our interracial dating sites, you must adhere to certain terms and conditions of the website. This will help you steer clear of these fake members and will ensure that you can have a genuine great online dating experience.

It is also better to stick to trusted sites as listed on Interracialdatingsitesguide.com so that you can keep all your personal information safe. If you use a site that is not very trustworthy, your personal information may be accessible to all plus your photos may also get misused.

This is especially true if you become a premium or gold member and have to pay a fee online. If you use an untrustworthy site, you could end up losing a lot of money and your credit card details will be misused. Thus stick to the sites listed on Interracialdatingsitesguide.com to have a safe but fun dating experience.
To register for Interracialdatingsitesguide.com, you must be atleast 18 years old and you have to fill out a registration form with your details. All the terms and conditions of this agreement are given on the site and you must make sure you go through them all.

Member’s registration

When you register for the site, you should only provide genuine information about yourself and your interests. You should constantly update and verify your account to keep it true and real.

Profile sharing

On a general basis, Interracialdatingsitesguide.com will not share your profile with other sites unless otherwise specified. But sometimes there may be affiliate websites you may want to be part of and you can go on these sites and search how to opt in to share your profile there.

Member information

Once you have signed the agreement with Interracialdatingsitesguide.com, we will have access to your personal information that you provide. But it is our guarantee that we will not share this information with any third party and this includes your email ids.

Member service

When you sign up for Interracialdatingsitesguide.com and become a member, you must follow certain ethical conduct rules. You must not use any foul, vulgar, threatening or obscene language and you must not violate the rights of others.

You must allow not start or forward any kind of junk mails or chain letters on the website. You must also not post any obscene pictures in your profile.

Thus, once you have read the terms and conditions of Interracialdatingsitesguide.com and adhered to them, you will have no problem navigating through this site with ease. So go ahead, read some of the best reviews of interracial dating sites, give dating tips, blog about dating or recommend good interracial dating sites on Interracialdatingsitesguide.com.