3 Tips to Make a UK Interracial Relationship a Success

UK Interracial relationships are growing, particularly within the last ten years where interracial households increased to 35 percent. Over 2.3 million people in the UK live with someone from a different ethnic group. The casual fling numbers must be much higher! It is relatively easy to start an interracial relationship but it can get harder sustaining it. Several interracial couples only date for a short while before parting ways. What could be the reason for this? It could be a number of reasons. Maybe family pressure, competition from another partner or maybe the attraction just ended after a few dates. However, there are common problems that one should be aware of. Being familiar with these problems can save a relationship that was headed to failure by stopping them in their tracks. What are some of these common problems?

1. Don’t let first impressions influence you.

Don’t believe so much in judging someone based on first impressions, be patient and give people time before concluding who they really are. First impressions may be bad because maybe your partner is the shy type or gets really nervous when they meet new people. This might lead to them acting in a weird way like stammering or being too silent, which some people may term as being rude. Families, in most cases, base their judgments on first impressions and really strive to make it the last by trying to talk you out of your relationship. Yes, they might be right but don’t base your decision on their opinion, instead talk it out with them and try to understand if their reasons are really genuine or not.

2. Analyze how you feel about your partner and why.

Do a self-analysis on how exactly you feel towards your partner. Try to analyze why you really want to be in that relationship and if it is worth it. If the relationship is held by true love towards each other then it will last. But some people decide to go the interracial way because of reasons that are misguided. Do you want to venture into an interracial relationship because everyone is doing it? Do you want to marry interracially because that is what your parents have always wished for you? Do you want to try a more dominant race so that you can raise your social status? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then sit back and reconsider your decision. You can’t decide to marry an interracial partner because that’s the current trend, friends are doing it, relatives too and so you want to join the club. Neither can you consider an interracial relationship because it’s your parents wish or because you want to raise your social status? In a nutshell, never get into a relationship for show or to please anyone but yourself. Go into a relationship because that is what you feel is right from deep within.

3. Prepare to meet the parents.

When it’s time to introduce your partner to your parents, talk about it first. Discuss how your parents and siblings are so that your partner goes in having an idea on how to handle them without finding it too hard. Talk about it to your family as well especially because it’s a partner from another race. You don’t want your partner to be met with blank stares or funny giggles. Avoid this drama that might end up hurting your partner to the extent of breaking up with you. Prepare both parties in advance.

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