Upbringing: different! Customs: different! Food: different! Being in such black white relationship is so enriching, colorful and FUN! You can’t just dwell on the challenges of this type of relationships. In fact, laughing about it is often the best medicine!

1.Greetings and awkwardness!

How do you greet people in your country? Do you hug? Kiss on the cheek? Handshake? Nod?
There has to be a million ways of greeting people in the world. We can’t know them all but we can certainly read up on our partner’s customs, can’t we? You don’t want to kiss someone on the cheeks and have them think you are cuckoo!

2.Eating habits!

If you are a picky-eater and your partner’s family’s food culture is completely different than yours, you may be in trouble! Some Mamas may even take it very personally if you don’t at least try the food they lovingly prepared for you. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. If at all possible, be polite and try the food. If you are really grossed out by the meal, try to discreetly pass it on your partner’s plate or chew your meat for a long time. Another option would be to ask your partner to mention your pickiness or pretend allergies!

3. Music!

Everyone’s entitled to their own taste in music. Just think of it like this: it is completely acceptable to listen to Rap in your car if that is what you like and it is just as acceptable for your partner to love POP or classical music. It is common sense – the funny part about being in an interracial relationship is that everything is possible! It will develop your taste, your senses and open your mind! You might even grow to love country music! Who knows?

4.Social Gatherings

Depending on how you were brought up, you may find a few differences in your hosting styles!
In Europe, for example, kitchens are significantly smaller than North American kitchens. You may enjoy mingling in your (big) kitchen with your guests while cooking whereas your partner might find it very uncomfortable or distasteful. Try compromising or organizing themed parties!

5.People will always have an opinion!

“Did you meet online?”, “Is this true what they say about black guys?”, “Is she after your money?”, “Why are you dating outside of your race? Do you have a fetish?”, “Oh, he is white? I assumed he was like you.” Insulting? Yes! Ignorant? Yes! What to do about it? Laugh it out and if you have the energy, educate! Attraction, chemistry, love…that’s what it is all about. Interracial relationships are so rich and fulfilling, yet so similar to any other relationships. Embrace it!

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