Interracial Dating– How to Deal With Criticism From Your Family and Friends


While some families find no fault with interracial dating, others think it’s a taboo that shouldn’t be allowed. Those struggling with criticism from family and friends often hope that their opinions will change over time. The truth is that you need to address the issue from the very beginning in order to smooth things over between your family and friends and your partner.

Criticism from Your Family and Friends
Criticism from strangers is quite easy to deal with because you’ve never met them before and therefore don’t value their opinion as much. You could decide to ignore them or even tell them that they’re ignorant. On the other hand, getting criticized from family and friends can be a very unappealing experience especially when it’s coming from a family member you hold in high esteem. In the worst situations, they completely snub you. The end result of this can be that you have to choose between your partner and your family or your friends.

Stay Calm
If you are in a situation where someone close to you openly disapproves of your relationship, the most important thing that you can do is to stay calm. Reacting in anger is unlikely to make them see things from your point of view.

Speak Tactfully
Once you’ve calmed down it might help to see things from their perspective. Hear them out and listen to why they’re objecting to your relationship. Then try to explain your point of view to them.

In the case that they are still too close-minded to accept your new partner, you have two options ahead of you. You could agree to disagree and simply ask them to remain silent on the issue when you or your partner is around. If they’re unwilling to do this, it would be best to cut them out of your life if you plan on continuing your relationship.

Make Them Understand
Concern over interracial marriages often comes from prejudice. Make them understand that racial discrimination shouldn’t have a place in marriage and that only love and happiness matters.

Love is not just about finding someone is similar to you; it’s about finding the one who is willing to stay- no matter what. When you help them to understand your point of view, they might be more willing to accept your interracial relationship.

Of course in this situation, not all members of your family will understand your point of view. Don’t be surprised that even after you try to talk to them, some still stand their ground.

If after all pleas, one or more of your family members still stand against your belief even after seeing that you’re happy, it’s time to disregard their opinion and put your own happiness first.

Hopefully, you’ve gathered the strength to handle criticism from your family. The goal of every relationship is to find happiness, and once you’ve found the one, nothing else should really matter!

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