Why are Caucasian women and Asian men couples more common lately?

Have you also noticed the recent surge in the coupling of White women and Asian men lately? Or, is it just me. I know that you have also noticed this recent rise about interracial dating, as it is very much true and is quite obvious. Among the famous people, Linda Lee Caldwell and Bruce Lee were one of the first Caucasian women and Asian men celebrity couples of Hollywood. And, this was in the 60s! So, what has changed now?

The main question here is that why this interracial combo is not as popular and widespread as other interracial combinations? However, there is definitely a much higher percentage of White men and Asian women couples than ever before. So, why this is so?

When asked predominantly and randomly to Asian girls and guys that “Why Asian girls are attracted to White guys;” guess what, we were surprised to hear the answers. This was because we heard only stereotypes, stereotypes, and more stereotypes!

Most of the Asian girls described Asian guys as being too unassertive or shy. They also stated that Asian guys are too short and even too effeminate. Apparently, this is what that is turning Asian women away from Asian men and this is why they have started looking elsewhere to find their love.

Such Asian stereotypes related to Asian men as well as Asian women are generally created by the society. There have already been several articles written about the stereotypical racism in the community of Asians. For example, how many Caucasian guys actively seek an Asian girl, just because of their supposed submissiveness and exotic looks? And, how many of these Caucasian men have this so called yellow fever or Asian fetish?

On the other hand, Asian females have constantly been labeled as “white-washed” women and disgraced. They are said to be busy finding more acceptance with other races instead of their own and are trying to climb the social hierarchy ladder that is built by their own communities.

So, coming to the primary question of their write-up, what can we say about the popularity of interracial relationships between Caucasian women and Asian men? Is it because there are a very less number of Asian women in their dating pool and is this why they are increasing their own love horizons? Or, is it that Asian guys have now been fed up with their women counterparts and thus they are taking revenge on them by dating Caucasian women? Moreover, is it because there are many good interracial dating sites are available?

However, these are just my thoughts, the reason behind the rise of the Caucasian woman and Asian man coupling can be anything. It is not just about all these things. Rather, I think that people should be smart and intelligent enough to not allow any trivial stereotypes to guide them as to whom they should date or conform to their preferences.

So, why do you think that the Caucasian woman and Asian man interracial combo is on the rise? Let me know by leaving your comments in the section below, so that I can come up with one more blog explaining you the reasons behind this interracial combo.

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