Why Are White Girls Attracted to Black Men?

Why Are White Girls Attracted to Black Men?
There may be something to that old story of the poor black boy who becomes mega-successful in life and then decides he’s only attracted to white women. It is a bit of an offensive stereotype but it’s oft-repeated, especially by edgy musical artists like Kanye West and Cee Lo Green.
There is some truth to it, in the fact that yes, white women do find some black men very attractive and no, it’s not always the rich black man they go after. Sometimes white women are just naturally attracted to black men, more so than other races, including their own race. What is to explain this attraction?
Various Theories on Why
Many still believe that it’s all just a social taboo. For many years, it was unacceptable and scandalous for a black man to go dating single white women. So it could very well be that we are still enjoying the aftermath of hundreds of years of racial tension and can now explore free dating of all races, ethnicities and skin colors. Yes, it definitely helps when white families forbid their daughter to bring home a black man, since the relationship instantly becomes taboo and Little Miss Sunshine can now stand up to her bigoted parents and fight for civil rights!
But of course, there is plenty more to the attraction than just social taboo. Many black men are raised to be confident, to be “alpha”, and especially if they grow up surrounded by their ultra-competitive friends. They may invest time in education or learning a talent or an art, which of course is very attractive to a woman who wants to feel that her crush is highly skilled and creative. Naturally, an outgoing, confident and friendly man is going to be a very popular fellow with the ladies, and that’s regardless of race.
Another factor is in the black man’s physical appearance. Not only the cocoa skin but many black men tend to be taller, in good athletic shape, with soft skin and full lips. Some girls just love the idea of black skin on white skin, not to mention the stereotype of a large penis—which is sometimes true and a major turn on. Some women also believe that black men make love with an intensity that white men don’t have, but of course, this is all relative and certainly not a genetic rule.
Fall for the Real Man He Is Inside
More to the point, the culture of a black man, and his unique personality is what will ultimately be the most attractive quality to a white woman. Looks, sex and attraction are not long-lasting. But finding similar values, goals and outlooks on life will be what matters. If you find someone that shares these very private feelings, then you can live with peripheral differences, even major disagreements, because deep down you feel the same way about life—about what really matters in life!
Now is the best time to explore your interracial attraction, since you have the option of online dating. There are probably going to be plenty of black men who rub you the wrong way or don’t seem to be your type, mentally speaking. That’s why it’s great that you can narrow down the competition by using an interracial dating site and focusing on the body and the personality you like the most

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