Do Black women really benefit from interracial marriage or dating?

Many people are confused and want to know the answer to this question as to do Black women really benefit from interracial marriage or dating?

As is evident from numerous news reports and articles; and even if you are a Black woman yourself and you prefer interracial relationships, then you may also have experienced this, that Black American females are often discouraged from interracial dating, especially dating White males.

Black females who express such kind of interest are often ridiculed and scoffed at. They are told that their behavior and manners are somehow betraying their race. They are also told that their female slave ancestors, who were raped and harassed by their masters, would be shocked to see such kind of behavior.
In fact, Black women are so much criticized for dating or marrying interracially that people say that Black females who come into a relationship with White males suffer some kind of mental illness. And, if they think that there is a shortage of Black males, then probably they must reflect on visiting and familiarizing with Black males in prison.

Yes, you heard it right. Prison!! In short, people say that Black females should explore and get to know every available Black guy they are acquainted with, chase every probable angle to meet one Black man, and mate with him, before even considering to date out of their race. With all that restrictions and guilt, it is no wonder that most of the Black women do not prefer interracial dating or marriage.

The most disturbing thing about all these stereotypes is that these “concerned individuals” do not seem to consider the Black men’s character. His Black skin is sufficient to conceal his character and conduct, even if it’s disrespecting or offensive. Furthermore, it seems that the melanin content has overpowered any other tangible attributes, such as intelligence, career aspirations, education, or the ability to protect and provide a family and wife.

And, this is not only true for the lower class or uneducated Black women, but also for successful and educated Black women, who are often told that their degrees and standards are too high and would not bring to them warmth at night.

Indeed, we can see this criticism of Black women in movies as well, where even high-powered Black women are inspired to come into a relationship with day laborers, mechanics, and misinterpreted felons. Film stories give out the message that if Black females are not so prissy and dig deep into it, then they may just find that “good black man” who has a heart of gold, even if he is a tad non-degreed and poor.

Ironically, Black males, who have the same money-making potential and are at the same education level as Black females, often do not bound themselves to pair up within their own race. They gladly explore all their options and date or marry interracially much more as compared to Black women.

Therefore, it is high time that we look at the reality and not just believe in stereotypes. It is time that we should navigate the ins and outs and ups and downs of interracial relationships through the perspective of a Black woman.

And, as to the title question, I would say that YES, Black women really do benefit from interracial dating or interracial marriage. The biggest benefit of interracial relationships for Black females is that it brings a certain level of empowerment, in turn making them realize that they have tremendous choices for finding a quality man for themselves.

Thus, with proper living, breathing, and vetting “character above color” mantra, every single Black female can find her prince charming, no matter in what melanin shade he comes.

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