Why Interracial Dating Works

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Have you ever thought of dating a sexy new boyfriend or girlfriend?  Of course…and of course, the icing on the cake is if it’s that exotic new lover with cinnamon skin, a person that inspires love, lust and maybe even a little obsession.  That’s why interracial dating is such a thrill – especially if you want to start a new romance but are hesitant to meet new people.  Many people are installing apps specifically designed for interracial dating and they’re finding plenty of dates for the weekend.

Interracial dating works because when you use an app for it, you filter out all the wrong types of partners that can distract you from getting what you want.  Consider a few reasons why interracial dating works and will work better for you than other dating avenues.

1. Because it eliminates the awkward pickup.

You no longer have to worry about seeming creepy or awkward, just because you want to start a conversation. Now all you have to do is swipe, and if someone swipes your profile too, you can start a conversation knowing that you already like each other!

2. Because more time spent talking means a better overall relationship.

Since you spend most of your initial conversation talking, texting and chatting about deep things, you can build your relationship on a firm foundation of trust and mutual interest. If you want something long-term, online dating is the best way to learn about her personality.

3. Because you only have to talk to the people you find attractive.

There’s oftentimes a lot of pressure to date someone you don’t especially like, or don’t feel attracted to, just because someone set you up or just because they asked you out first. With online dating, you only swipe the profiles you like. You can filter people out for bad photos, bad profiles, or other factors that disqualify them from your Wants List. This is the most efficient way to date new people.

4. Because when you talk regularly, you can talk about everything – including culture, family, politics and religion.

These are the things that tear some couples apart!  And if you go into a relationship presuming things about the other person, there’s plenty of room for misunderstandings. This is why chatting about these important criteria through text or webcam is important because it can save you both time and heartache by discussing some of these differences first. So if you have any “deal breakers” about religion, political parties, or even family or lifestyle, that can be discussed out in the open and addressed. Talking things out in advance can protect you from the most common situations that occur in black and white dating.

As you can see, black women white men dating offers a new approach to dating, one that is cost-efficient as well as time-efficient.  Why waste time and dates on someone you know you’re not going to be compatible with?  Using a dating app is the best way to find a new partner, whether you want something serious or casual.  Why not sign up easily and at least browse to see who’s nearby?


6 Qualities that make interracial relationships in Australia last

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Managing a relationship can be hard work and if a couple focuses on external qualifiers; it can make things even more difficult for them. For a relationship to blossom in this day and age, there needs to be something more than physical attractions. It is all about acting in the best interest of the relationship meaning making the right choices and leaving egos behind. That is something that is easier said than done however, below are essential qualities that help make an interracial relationship in Australia last longer.

I. Respect – When the chase is over and they prize is won, most couple seem to forget about each other’s needs and feelings. In a long lasting relationship, couple value one another and respect each other opinions. Couple who want to be with each other every single day make each other feel wanted, valued and respected.

II. Forgiveness – We all know that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in a relationship that can hurt the person we are dating. The key reason that makes interracial couples in Australia lasting longer is forgiveness. They let go of any grudges and start afresh each passing day. The act of forgiving someone is easier said than done. It take plenty of courage and vulnerability however, forgiveness is always at the heart of every healthy interracial relationship in Australia.

III. Trust – An interracial relationship without trust is destined to fail. It does not come easy at all because it is something that has to be earned one day at a time. There will be times where the trust can be broken but it is all about how a couple recover from such a setback. Interracial couples who trust each other spiritually, physically and emotionally last longer.

IV. Appreciation – When you are around someone so much, it is easy to take their presence for granted. Interracial couples in Australia, who remind one another that they are lucky to have each other and how they feel weak without their partner, boost their happiness levels as well as the longevity of their relationship. They recognise what their partner does or is doing for them and are thankful.
V. Commitment – Couples who are not committed to each other break up eventually and the reason why most interracial couples in Australia last longer is commitment. They are not just committed to the person they are with; they are committed to the relationship as a whole. It is not just about having their needs met, it is about thinking of the future and health of the relationship rather than being selfish.

VI. Honesty – We all know the saying “honesty is the best policy” and interracial couples in Australia have a long lasting interracial relationship because it is built on trust. They share everything that is going on in their lives no matter what it is. Hiding behind lies is always harmful to a relationship and interracial couples know that honesty brings about belief in one another as well as trust.


How Online Dating Sites Affect Interracial Black and White Relationships

The Internet seems to have changed the way people think about interracial dating.  In 1985, only four percent of the US population approved of black and white marriages.  By the year 2000, over half of all respondents stated they approved of interracial dating.

The Anonymous Face

When it comes down to physical appearances, the Internet is the great equalizer.  You can Photoshop, use older photos of yourself or choose not to use a photo at all when you’re social networking.  While some users take advantage of this to scam or misrepresent themselves, the majority of social networking friendships are based on text.  You are who you write.

Unless you specifically state otherwise, you become race neutral.  This alone, has broken down many of the communication barriers.  Yet, despite a growing tolerance, only fifteen percent of Americans marry outside their race.

Social Division

If we’re basing our compatibility on text, then why isn’t there more black and white dating?  Common interests are often the result of experiences within similar demographics, household economic status and degree of education.  A white woman growing up in rural America whose favorite hobby is horseback riding, might find it very difficult to find common ground with either a black or white man who was raised in Los Angeles.

Online dating can also be influenced by religion or culture.  Moving out of that comfort zone is strenuous.   There are rules for behavior and polite etiquette that must be learned, along with the differences in attitudes.  Love at first sight has a wonderful ring to it and has conquered many social prejudices, but love at first text doesn’t happen quite so often.

Disparity of Numbers

If you combined all the minority races together, they would still equal less the fifty percent of the US population.  Until recent years, there were entire regions of the United States that had very little exposure to minority races.  Even those who would like to have experienced black women white men dating, there was very little opportunity to do so.

Online dating sites have made it far easier for people to connect, but the opportunities still usually mean traveling to a new location and meeting someone you’ve never seen before.  Before the introduction of smart phones, this was a giant leap of trust.  Now, however, you can track your movements, learn about your meeting place ahead of time and stay in touch with your contacts.  You can ease into your dating relationship gradually, without making radical changes to your own life style.

The Future of Black and White Dating

Politically, the past year has been a set-back for equal rights advocates, with the loudest and most insensitive to the well-being of others, taking ring side seats, but the recent events have had very little effect on interracial dating.  The percentages of those who swirl have been the same since 2010.  As more people utilize the tools that will allow them to extend their search for their perfect interracial match outside their demographics and common sphere of friends, the numbers are expected to rise.  The primary obstacles yet to be overcome are social status, religion and culture.


Interracial Dating and the Myth of Marrying Up

That’s an acquaintance said about our staff members (a black woman) recently heard from one of osocially, because she’d tied the knot with someone outside of her race. We thought that concept was something that simply had to be fulminate – especially since there’s so much swarm about black women not getting married in today’s society!

In this post, we’d like to diagnose the idea of hypergamy, or “marrying up” as it’s usually known, and how this urban legend gives a negative assumption on the interracial dating group. Specifically between black women and white men. In 2014, there is still a bend sinister that black women choose to marry white men just to get the social and economic benefits. Instead of focusing on the primary of love as a foundation for marriage, people carry on to associate stereotypes toward interracial couples. And the black woman/white man union always takes the strength of the based on a statistic result. However, this figure is alsoFirst, let’s talk about why this portrayal of financial or social benefits as a result of an interracial marriage between black women and white men is utterly nonsensical. Although this isn’t necessarily a great variable to make the argument, black women are presently the least promising of all women to get hitched. According to the census recently, 25 percent of the marriages of black men in 2010 were interracial. However, black women do not cross the color gap too frequently. If black women were fueled by posterior causative to marry somebody from a different race, then they would be challenging their black male similitudes in the interracial marriage sector. In fact, among all women who are included in the 8.4 percent of total interracial marriages in 2010, they represent one of the lowest numbers overall.

43% of black women between the ages of 30 and 34 have never been married, based on a statistic result. However, this figure is also the similitude to the percentage of single women among other races exclude for white females. They are merely not having any romantic interracial relationship enough to be even accused of marrying up. We’re just mentioning cold hard facts that would seem to unmask the urban legend.

Next, black females are more successful today than ever before, why are they concerning about “marrying up” ? The black community has around $850 billion to consume, and black women control 62% of that share. Here’s another interesting truth: the proportion of women to men at black universities is 7 to 1. It’s hard to make the confestation that black women are out looking for a way to to increase their financial or social statements in the world when pretty much to be doing just fine by themselves.Black females should just pass this type of talk off and do whatever makes sense for them for they are the ones in control of their lives. And without any discredit to the older generation in any way, like the judging aunt of our friend, but that old kind of thinking is bound to perish as black women continue to strive.


What to Do if People Stare At You and Your Interracial Partner

Everything’s going nicely. Your family and his/her family are okay with you seeing a mixed race or interracial partner. Then, all of a sudden, you get those uncomfortable stares from other people. You may wonder, what are they staring at? Are they racist or are they thinking something about your interracial dating?
It’s natural to react this way and it is a bit rude to continually stare at a couple without giving an explanation. But before we discuss what you should do, just think for a moment why these people are probably staring and that may mitigate your harsh feelings. After all, people are usually not close-minded and are very tolerant and embracing of multiculturalism.

They may be jealous of the fact that you have an attractive partner of another race and are staring, just wondering how much fun you’re having. Quite the compliment! Or they may be wondering how it feels to be doing something so “controversial”. Perhaps they are immature and are thinking that interracial partners are only interested in sex or experimentation. In any event, it doesn’t really matter because very few of them are actually thinking malicious thoughts.

What should you do if you do see people staring at you during your date?

1.Just take it as a compliment.

First, understand that the majority are by in large supportive of interracial dating and mixed race dating. Therefore, they while may make you feel awkward, they are probably just curious about you, and are not trying to cause you harm. Think about yourself for a moment. Have you ever stared at someone because they’re attractive, or because you were intrigued at what they were doing or how they looked? Have you ever felt socially awkward and made small talk with a person that didn’t make much sense? Has a stranger ever come up to you and complimented you? That’s really all most of these people are thinking behind those stares.

2.If staring bothers you, don’t go places where you might get a lot of stares.

While you could just grin and endure all the funny looks, if it really starts to bother you avoid places where you know people are not very open-minded. Some people claim that country music concerts are a questionable place. Or perhaps a Donald Trump rally? You never really know until you go the first time. And if you go to a location where people are giving you coy looks, there’s certainly nothing wrong with leaving and going somewhere where you and your date can feel welcomed.

3.They may actually be happy to see you!

Some people stare because they are genuinely happy for you, and may even be thinking back to their own history, or their own desires to do what you’re doing. You could even confront the person and kindly say hello. (You don’t have to be nasty about it) You could introduce yourself or ask what’s wrong? You may be surprised at what the other person has to say. It’s usually never a negative comment, not in this day and age.

So why not just go out in public, be proud of yourself, and enjoy the support of others?


Do Black women really benefit from interracial marriage or dating?

Many people are confused and want to know the answer to this question as to do Black women really benefit from interracial marriage or dating?

As is evident from numerous news reports and articles; and even if you are a Black woman yourself and you prefer interracial relationships, then you may also have experienced this, that Black American females are often discouraged from interracial dating, especially dating White males.

Black females who express such kind of interest are often ridiculed and scoffed at. They are told that their behavior and manners are somehow betraying their race. They are also told that their female slave ancestors, who were raped and harassed by their masters, would be shocked to see such kind of behavior.
In fact, Black women are so much criticized for dating or marrying interracially that people say that Black females who come into a relationship with White males suffer some kind of mental illness. And, if they think that there is a shortage of Black males, then probably they must reflect on visiting and familiarizing with Black males in prison.

Yes, you heard it right. Prison!! In short, people say that Black females should explore and get to know every available Black guy they are acquainted with, chase every probable angle to meet one Black man, and mate with him, before even considering to date out of their race. With all that restrictions and guilt, it is no wonder that most of the Black women do not prefer interracial dating or marriage.

The most disturbing thing about all these stereotypes is that these “concerned individuals” do not seem to consider the Black men’s character. His Black skin is sufficient to conceal his character and conduct, even if it’s disrespecting or offensive. Furthermore, it seems that the melanin content has overpowered any other tangible attributes, such as intelligence, career aspirations, education, or the ability to protect and provide a family and wife.

And, this is not only true for the lower class or uneducated Black women, but also for successful and educated Black women, who are often told that their degrees and standards are too high and would not bring to them warmth at night.

Indeed, we can see this criticism of Black women in movies as well, where even high-powered Black women are inspired to come into a relationship with day laborers, mechanics, and misinterpreted felons. Film stories give out the message that if Black females are not so prissy and dig deep into it, then they may just find that “good black man” who has a heart of gold, even if he is a tad non-degreed and poor.

Ironically, Black males, who have the same money-making potential and are at the same education level as Black females, often do not bound themselves to pair up within their own race. They gladly explore all their options and date or marry interracially much more as compared to Black women.

Therefore, it is high time that we look at the reality and not just believe in stereotypes. It is time that we should navigate the ins and outs and ups and downs of interracial relationships through the perspective of a Black woman.

And, as to the title question, I would say that YES, Black women really do benefit from interracial dating or interracial marriage. The biggest benefit of interracial relationships for Black females is that it brings a certain level of empowerment, in turn making them realize that they have tremendous choices for finding a quality man for themselves.

Thus, with proper living, breathing, and vetting “character above color” mantra, every single Black female can find her prince charming, no matter in what melanin shade he comes.